What is Reseller Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting?

The world is getting adapted to the latest of technologies, one being doing business using the Internet. Has the question ever come to your mind that how all these websites operates, where do they store all their details and make it accessible to everyone. This is all done through website hosting.

What is Website Hosting?

All the websites require web hosting services to operate through the worldwide web (www). It is actually a virtual office or outlet address for the business where the companies store all their business related information.

Web hosting service providers allocate the space as required by the users. There are many hosting servers that offer the space for free, however the primary domain remains with them. In case you want to buy your own virtual space there is a certain fixed amount you need to pay to the website hosting service providers to get the required space.

Different types of Hosting

On the basis of the services and features of hosting, it could be broadly classified into following categories-

Free hosting service – As the name suggests there is no charge attached at the same time the services offered are limited in nature

Shared Hosting – It is a common storage space shared amongst different website, i.e. all the details are stored on the same server using the common RAM.

Reseller Hosting – In this the client who has purchased the storage space on a server could become a host and sell the space further.

Dedicated Hosting – In this the user gets his or her own server and can perform the functions as an administrator. The only difference is that the user does not own the server.

There are some other hostings also like clustered, VPN, colocation, grid, home etc.

Common Hosting Services

There may be different types of hosting, however the services offered are almost common like

v Storing only files,

v Image and Video hosting

v As host to store your blogs

v E-mail hosting service, only deals in email communication

v Shopping cart

Website Hosting Vs Reseller Hosting

We have already talked about website hosting, how many types of hosts are available and what all services are provided. Let us now talk about Reseller Hosting.

Reseller hosting is same like any other website hosting, it is just that the user turns into host for other websites and reallocates the storage space that has originally been assigned to him.

Reseller hosting could be provided by a someone who wants to become a web hosting service provider but do not have enough resources to own a personal server.

How does Reseller Hosting works?

Whenever you take the services of a hosting service provide a certain amount of storage space is assigned under your user name. This space could be utilised for your own website information storage or you can reassign a part of your storage to other users, in that case you play the role of a hosting reseller.

Although the reseller hosting is not a difficult task to do, however a procedure needs to be followed. It is important to understand the fact that website hosting, site has separate memberships or user accounts for resellers. A normal hosting account cannot be used for reseller hosting functions.

Rights and Duties of Reseller Hosting

As a reseller hosting there are certain duties that one needs to abide by certain rules and regulations. Some of these rules are-

ü You can only lease out a part of your storage space and not everything assigned to your account

ü You get the control of the hosts given out, the administrative control of your hosting account remains with the service provider

ü The reseller has the authority to set up users under his hosting directory, with the help of a web interface

Normally a reseller hosting is responsible for all activities, services provided and maintenance of all the users who are listed under his or her reseller account. However, most of the time any troubleshooting requirement is forwarded to the primary web hosting service provider.



Is it a profitable business?

It really depends on your requirements and usage that will decide if reseller hosting would prove profitable for you. There are many benefits attached when it comes to reseller hosting, just to name a few-

  • You need a hosting platform for your website, but the budget is not high enough to buy your own server storage space
  • The person is not aware of the technicalities involved to sync with all the plugin, applications, etc., reseller hosting would get everything ready for you and provide you with a control panel from where you can make the changes to your stored information
  • As a reseller hosting, it is a profitable business as you can get good amount by reselling that could be utilised to maintain your primary hosting account and at the same time save you some extra amount as profit

Limitations of reseller Hosting accounts

If there are some positives involved in reseller hosting, there are some limitations also. As a registered user under a reseller account, you do not get the liberty to choose the applications and services. The user has to suffice with what is offered by the reseller.

Another major limitation of a reseller hosting account is that it cannot be issued as fresh hosting names to the users, it will have the name of the reseller hosting account attached with it until recently. There are few website hosts that would allow the users to get the hosting under their individual or business name, thus promoting the brand.


Competition in the market

Reseller hosting is one of the best hosting solutions in the market as of today, however, as per the industry expert soon it would get a competitor in VPS.

VPS is another form of website hosting service which operates under controlled environment. The market has seen a rise in buyers for VPS over the past few years.

Reseller hosting, in all terms is the perfect hosting solution if you can work under limited services or applications and controlled administration.


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Be carefull how you choose hosting provider

Be carefull how you choose a hosting provider

Here i will explain most tricks that hosting companies use to mislead their potential clients.
First you have to always remember that usually “you get what you paid for”.
What seems cheap can be very expensive later.
One of the greatest tricks hosting companies use is the promise of unlimited resources – unlimited disk space, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited databases etc. Think about this – server hardware cost money – several times more that desktop hardware
- do you think they get server hard disks for free or server memory for free? Unlimited just means that the limits are hidden in their terms of service or acceptable usage policy. You can find a hosts that offer unlimited disk space these days -
these are like big bubbles – they get people’s money with promises thay can not keep. Just try to upload 50 GB files to such hosting account and you will see how “unlimited” they are actually.
So when you see unlimited disk space – this is a huge warning sign.
The other trick are very low prices – when you see super low price you can be praticaly sure that if you need technical support for your site – you will not get it. Quality tech support is paid something like 4 USD per support ticket or 4 USD for every live chat
with client. So every hosting plan below 2 -4 USD per month is not realistic – if you want good tech. support.
And these prices are if the hosting company uses outsourced support. For example www.bobcares.com is a company that offers outsourced tech support for hosting companies – you can check thir site for prices.
Another problem are overcrowded servers – if you site is loading slowly – your failure is guaranteeed – you visitors will not be happy and google will penalize your site because site load time is one of their ranking factors according to their own words,
Unlimited traffic – there are many data centers that offers unlimited traffic for their dedicated server clients – so unlimited traffic is really possible – or at least data centers offer so much traffic that it is almost impossible to reach the limit. The trick here is that 99.9% of the cases you don’t need unlimited traffic – hosting companies know this – that’s why they offer it to you because it sounds good.


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WIndows VPS vs WIndows dedicated server

Windows VPS vs Windows Dedicated Server

I decided to compare a dedicated server with Windows Server 2008 and VPS with Windows Server 2008
for a budget of 50 GBP month. I choose dedicated server from one of the best dedicated server providers in UK – www.pou******.com
and Windows VPS from one of the best Windows hosting providers in UK www.aspnet*******.co.uk
There will no be a winner – this will not happen because different people have different needs and what is good for me may not be good for you.


Windows VPS                                    Dedicated Server
HArdware                         Dell Power Edge                                   HP ProLiant

CPU                      2 x Quad Core 2.40Ghz                  Dual-Core Intel Xeon X3065 2.33GHz

RAID                  YES – Hardware RAid 10                                               No Raid

HDD                      160 GB SAS 7200 RPM                                          1 x 160GB SATA HDD
RAM                                           3 GB DDR3                                                               2GB DDR2
Monthly Traffic                               750 GB                                                                   5000GB
Windows 2008 R2                        Included                                                                   Included
Server Location:                             London                                                                     London
Remote Reboot                                      Yes                                                                            Yes
Dedi IPs free                                               1                                                                                 1
Upgrade/Downgrade without Downtime Yes                                                                        No
Monthly price                                  49 GBP                                                                     50 GBP
Overall a VPS seems slightly better to me – you get more and better RAM, more reliable hard drives, easy upgrade/downgrade. ALso if you are not very experienced windows administrator and you needs help with IIS, ftp or other software – there is much better change VPS provider to help you than dedicated server provider to help you especialy with Windows Server OS. Deciated servers usually comes with more Monthly traffic but
in most cases you get more monthly traffic then you will ever need.

If you get dedicated server you will have to take care for backups yourself /with the above dedicated server your also get FREE 10GB Network Storage /




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windows vps hosting

Every single organization these days needs an online presence. So that you can fulfill that requirement you’ll need a perfect internet hosting answer for yourself that can fit your needs and your finances.

You will need to lay down your needs initial because it can help you in selecting the correct internet hosting approach for you personally. When you have a modest business and just want to produce a presence online then you certainly can go in for a Shared Internet hosting program. This plan is the most inexpensive and hence also known as Cheap Internet hosting. In this approach you may have the opportunity to find prices for as lower as $1 per month on the net. A lot of internet hosting providers are there that are presenting Shared Internet hosting ideas at this price. But right here you may not be able to personalize your server and also have to share it together with the other individuals. This sharing of sources although brings down your price a good deal, leaves your server unsecured. But if you’ve got a big quantity of guests coming for your web site every single day then in that case a Shared Internet hosting solution will not likely help. You have to consider of a thing better that could handle far more web site targeted traffic, present you with a more custom-made environment and retain your server secured every one of the time.

Before for these needs only a Devoted Internet hosting alternative was available however it was very high-priced. Today an alternative referred to as a Virtual Personal Server is offered that is 3 times a lot less high-priced than a Focused Server. A Virtual Server operates within the principle of virtualization in which a physical server is divided into large variety of virtual servers by making a virtual partition among them. This virtual partition presents each virtual server an identification in addition to an working technique of its own. Now this server can turn into your personal or a private server thereby offering you attributes of a Devoted Server at a lesser price.

A VPS is definitely an in among choice of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. Right here you share a server and nonetheless have your personal server. And that means you get almost everything in the price tag of Shared Internet hosting (or a tiny far more than that). A VPS is therefore also called a Virtual Focused Server or perhaps a Cheap Committed Server. Virtual Non-public Server is of two kinds1 determined by windows as well as the other depending on Linux. From the 2 a Windows VPS or even a Windows Virtual Server is more typical as a result of its ease of use. This concept of virtualization has reduced costs for several. People now should spend a lot less for finding the same capabilities that a Dedicated Server provides.

A Windows VPS has its individual RAM and disk area. It is possible to also enhance or reduce it as per your wants. Using this method you by no means operate out of assets with your Windows Virtual Server.
You get your own running program. This feature makes it possible for you to reboot and update your server any time you would like.
Your Windows VPS can
manage your website traffic independently.
Your VPS is
taken care of and up-to-date frequently.
The backups
of one’s Windows Virtual Server can be taken from the hosting organization every single day. And that means you will never must hassle about your data.
very good hosting organizations control your Virtual Server to suit your needs totally free of cost. Therefore you will not should employ an authority to handle your server. This also reduces your expense a lot.
You are able to customise your server and install as several purposes and software you would like. Using this method you will be inside a better control of the server.
The benefits are countless should you look at a Windows VPS or perhaps a Windows Virtual Server. You may also need to create a check out on some points ahead of signing up for a approach in Windows VPS. You need to examine the RAM, CPU, bandwidth and disk area of the server ahead of signing up for one. You have to pick the correct program for your self so that all of the wants are fulfilled.

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